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This is where you will find most answers. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

What Internet Service Providers are available?

Paradise Park Inc is one of the few parks that has high-speed Internet Service from Spectrum.  Speeds as high as 100 MB are available. Also we offer Power Broadband high speed wireless internet at $24.99 per month

What are the costs for electrical service?

The electric rate for RV lots is determined annually. Paradise Park has one of the lowest rates in the RGV. The typical cost is less than $50/mo.  

What television options are available and what is the cost?

The local cable company is Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) and both Direct TV and Dish TV  and free over the air TV with your antenna with up to 63 channels  are also available options.  

How does the gate security operate?

The security gate is always closed except for special events that are open to the public. A remote device is used to open the gate. Renters put down a $50.00 deposit for a remote to open the gate.

What are the policies regarding Pets?

Pets are limited to two (2) per unit/lot and must be registered at the office. No animals or livestock of any description, except the usual household pets (cats and/or dogs), are allowed. Pets must be kept on a leash while in the park.

Will our Motor Home Fit On an RV Lot?

The typical RV Lot is listed at 26 X 40 but those dimensions do not include the 10 feet of distance at the front of the lot for vehicle parking.

Can I buy a RV Lot Certificate?

You can buy lot certificates from sellers or Paradise Park if available. There are advantages of owning a lot certificate ownership over renting. Probably the number one reason is that you are guaranteed a place to camp each winter. It is also beneficial economically, the annual monthly dues are less than rental rates if staying for more than four months. You can enhance the lot with improvements like a storage shed, shrubs, or awning. You get full participation in park decisions.